Des Moines Photographs
Table of Contents
Baird House
Bauman House
Big Catch Plaza
Big Tree Inn
Bundy House
Des Moines Cinema & Del's Texaco
Des Moines City Hall
Des Moines Field House
Des Moines Fire Station
Des Moines Library
Des Moines Marina
Des Moines Police Department
Des Moines Post Office
Des Moines School later Elementary
Des Moines Water Tower
Elsey House & Smith/Clayton House
Elsner House
Engeset House
Fisher House
Foley House
Grahn Harmon House
Highline Community College
Lamp House

Latimer/Gay House
Lindahl House
Masonic Home
McKinstrey Home
Midway Elementary School
Mt. Rainier High School
North Hill Community Club
North Hill Elementary School
North Hill Water Tower
Olympic Elementary School
Pacific Middle School
Redondo Store & Post Office
Saltwater Sate Park
L. H. Smith/Clayton Houses
Spanish Castle
The Seashore Club
Van Gaskan House
Vassar's Blacksmith Shop
View From Redondo
Woodmont Elementary School
Woodmont Library
Zenith Holland Gardens
Zenith Store & Post Office
Miscellaneous Photos
Table of Contents
Top Third of Des Moines
Middle Third of Des Moines
Bottom Third of Des Moines