Des Moines Photographs
Miscellaneous Photos

Barnes Store at 227th and Marine View Drive

Baumann House with Tower Behind

Bixler Blackberry Patch at 7th Avenue and South 222nd St.

Boy Scout Vernon Draper in 1926

Boy Scouts at Hill Grove Cemetery on Memorial Day 1965

Brick Highway from Des Moines to Seattle

Bridge Over Des Moines Creek

Bus Stop At Marine View Drive and South 227th Street

Central Beach Market in 1910

Dahlberg's Store Behind Drill Team Marching By In Parade

Dahlberg's Store circa 1960

John Daugherty House

Dees Mart, Des Moines Electric and Tuffley's Market Behind Pirate Drill Team In Parade

Des Moines Electric, Tuffley's Market and Dugout Tavern Behind Seattle All City H. S. Band In Parade

Des Moines School PTA Postcard

Duxbery House at 216th St. and 24th Avenue

Early Des Moines Sawmill

Elsner House, Zenith 1967

Elsner House, Zenith 1973

Elsner House, A Different One

Engeset House

Finnell House on 10th Avenue South

Hanke Hotel and Florence Hanke's Bungalow

Half Way House on Highway 99 Near Kent-Des Moines Road

Harmony Brook House was built on Marine View Drive at 230th

Ladies on a Large Log


Loggers and Kids by a Big Tree

Longview Inn

Old Bicycles in a Parade

Peck House

Pero House near 6th Avenue and 223rd St.

Pero Store Interior

Rainey House

Mrs. Rink's House

Sea Scout Boat

Sea-Tac Airport

Skrondal Store

View West from Des Moines School.

Waterland Float From Des Moines in Parade

Women's Society Picnic

Wooliscraft Home at 16th Avenue South and South 284th St.

View from 240th in Zenith

Zenith Dock and Post Office

Zenith From the Air

Miscellaneous Photos
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