Old photo of Zenith Post Office year unknown
Old photo of Zenith Post Office year unknown
Zenith Post Office and Store

23659 Marine View Dr. S. -- Zenith's original post office was located west of Marine View Drive on the south side of S. 240th St. and opened October 25, 1906 with Mr. Ira A. Silvey as postmaster. In 1912 he sold his property and store with the post office to Martin T. Crowder. The Crowder's moved to Seattle in 1917 after their house burned, and Charles H. Gilbert became postmaster moving the location north to Marine View Drive where a new store and post office was built, where it was later (approximately 1940s) moved in front of a residence to the current location of the Zenith Grocery. The Zenith Post Office was closed in June 1973.

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