Early Photo Not Available North Hill Community Club in 2003
North Hill Community Club in 2003
North Hill Community Club??
20827 3rd Ave S

Like the Des Moines-Zenith Improvement Club, the Manhattan Improvement Club, and the Redondo Community Club of yesteryear, the North Hill Community Club still services its local neighborhood. The North Hill Community Club service boundaries are South 192nd Street on the north, Des Moines Memorial Drive on the east, South 216th Street on the south, and 1st Avenue South on the west. In the early 1950 the club was known as the North Hill and Normandy Vista Community Club for the new development north of South 200th and west of North Hill Elementary School. The club house is a two story building used as a polling location. There is a large field south of the building used for activities. A number of Eagle Scout projects have helped to maintain the facility.

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