Des Moines Cinema 1961
Des Moines Cinema 1961
Des Moines Cinema 2003
Des Moines Cinema 2003
Des Moines Cinema and Del's Texaco
22333 and 22341 Marine View Drive S.

The Des Moines Cinema building was opened in March 1947 by Delbert and Wally Osterhoudt to house a 400 seat cinema, retail stores, and office spaces. Wally Osterhoudt served on the Des Moines City Council and was mayor from 1964-69. On the second floor Dr. Frank Underhill and Dr. Youker had offices. The building also housed Dee's Mart, and the Des Moines Drugstore for awhile in the Northeast corner. The cinema over the years has changed hands and had been closed entirely. In 1973 the Theater was sold and changed from running family oriented films to showing "adult" movies. Local groups picketed the theater in the 1970s, and in the 1980s the city even took legal action. In the 1990s the theater reopened under new management and reverted to showing family oriented films and again is a community asset. It features 1940s decor, snack bar, a stage, and with second run movies affordable prices for the residents of Des Moines. The Cinema is a good place for old fashioned family entertainment and is conveniently situated on Marine View Drive walking distance from several dining establishments. One will notice that "Wild in the Country", featuring Elvis Presley, and "Days of Thrills and Laughter" are playing at the old cinema.

Del's Texaco would become Butler Auto in 1953
Del's Texaco / Butler Auto Repair
22341 Marine View Drive

In 1935 the Osterhoudts built the gas station and auto repair facility to the south at the corner of 225th St. and Marine View Drive (22341 Marine View Drive) from wood salvaged from the beach and the dock collapse. In 1953 Gene Butler's father together with Joe and Lucille Stockdale purchased the station. It has also housed the fire department trucks until the fire station on Marine View Drive between South 222nd and 223rd Streets was built.

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